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We specialize in helping tourists find the perfect tour to suit their individual preferences and desires,
providing unforgettable vacations and new experiences.
OblakaTravel is a tour operator specializing in creating unique and customized tours around the world.
By joining OblakaTravel, agencies get access to diverse and unique tours, favorable cooperation terms and a convenient B2B interface that expands their business opportunities.
Useful Tour Information
Tour information to plan your perfect trip.
Professional Support
Qualified assistance at every stage of visa processing.
Exclusive Offers
Special offers and promotions for our customers.
Unique tours
Developing unique tours for you
We carefully design unique tours that fully meet the individual preferences and interests of our clients. Our goal is to create not just a vacation, but a true journey filled with personalized experiences and unforgettable moments. Through collaboration with local partners and experts, we offer exclusive itineraries and unique experiences including exotic safaris, private excursions and unique gastronomic adventures.

Every aspect of your tour will be carefully planned, ensuring your satisfaction and comfort throughout your journey. From your choice of accommodations to on-site logistics, we make sure that every moment of your vacation is nothing but pleasant memories. Your unique tour with us will be a journey full of personal discovery and joyful moments.
About the Company
OblakaTravel offers not just travel, but true adventure and unique experiences, carefully tailored to each client's individual wishes and interests. Our goal is to create the perfect tour that will exceed your expectations, whether it be exotic safaris, luxury cruises, cultural excursions or tropical island vacations. We work with trusted partners around the world to provide the highest level of service and comfort, making every journey unforgettable.
Quality Control
We ensure a high level of quality at every stage of event preparation.
Individualized Approach
Every client is unique to us, and we develop personalized solutions for each project.
Complex Solutions
We offer turnkey event organization, providing complete project management from start to finish.
Budget Planning
Effective budget management and cost optimization for optimal results.
Creative Programs
We create individual programs, taking into account the wishes and needs of the client as much as possible.
Professional Team
Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience.
Personal Mentor
Each project is led by a personal curator, ensuring attention to detail and a high level of service.
24/7 Support
We provide 24/7 support, ensuring any issues are resolved in a timely manner.
Global Opportunities
Thanks to the wide geography of our work, we can organize events in almost any country in the world.
Experience in FIT tourism
Our years of experience in FIT-tourism guarantees expert and professional performance.
Fast Processing
We guarantee promptness in processing orders and the use of modern technology.
Flexible Payment
We offer various payment options for the convenience of customers: cash and cashless payment, credit cards.